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Svea Miesch is Research and Policy Manager at ScotlandIS, the trade association of Scotland’s digital technologies industry. Svea joined ScotlandIS in April 2016 to develop an in-house research and policy unit. She is a member of the Digital Scotland Business Excellence Partnership Gender Workstream and the ENGENDERING STEM expert group to tackle the technology gender gap.

Previously, Svea worked as a Conference Researcher specialising in digital and education topics at Holyrood Communications in Edinburgh and in public affairs and policy research roles in Brussels. She studied European Politics in Germany and France and has been living in Scotland since 2013.

ScotlandIS represents over 300 software, telecoms, IT and digital agency businesses throughout Scotland from global players to small highly specialist companies. The digital technologies industry generates £5.9 billion in GVA and more than 90,000 people currently work in digital technologies roles across the Scottish economy.

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