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ENGENDERING STEM: Project Reflections

On the 18 October 2019, the ENGENDERING STEM team welcomed experts from across Europe to share the findings of our ERASMUS+ funded ENGENDERING STEM project. Over the last two years the project has sought to bring clarity to a range of factors influencing the under-representation of women in the STEM labour market and has delivered a … Continued

International Gender Equality Conference

18th October 2019 Hosted by Equate Scotland Venue: Hanover Conference Centre Location: Edinburgh Sign up for our conference here: The ENGENDERING STEM project is a pan-European collaborative development project with partners from Scotland, Netherlands and the Basque Country. The project aims to share learning and good practice amongst European partners to support SMEs operating … Continued


Our ENGENDERING STEM project team meetings are so interesting we even made it on to Basque TV.  Hear from our project team members Alaitz Kristobal and Sayana Coulson as they discuss how our project aims to support SMEs to embrace workplace inclusivity.    

Project Update: Talat Yaqoob

Over the last eighteen months Equate Scotland have been partnering with colleagues at the City of Glasgow College, VHTO in the Netherlands and Miguel Altuna in the Basque Country to deliver a project focused on increasing the participation of women in STEM employment, but specifically in SME (small and medium size) employment. The majority of … Continued

Training Programme Launches!

                    The ENGENDERING STEM Team are delighted to announce the launch of our online workplace inclusivity training programme. This course is part of the free tailored support programme offered, by the Engendering STEM team, to SMEs with a commitment to improving gender equality. For small and … Continued

Equal Pay by Alaitz Kristobal

Arguments to carry out an equal plan in your SME Although the society has advanced, the reports made by different organizations show that the salary gap or the glass ceiling of women are an evident reality. Hence, equality plans within SMEs are a positive aspect to take into account. But what does it really mean … Continued

Project Animation Translated

Use the subtitle option in the video above to access the Basque translation of our ENGENDERING STEM project animation.

ENGENDERINGSTEM 2018 Conference Blog by Sayana Coulson

By Sayana Coulson     In October 2018 we held our 1st annual conference – Engendering Future Talent in STEM, in Amsterdam. Our goal was to bring together like-minded professionals in an open dialogue, to discuss the issues faced by the STEM industry and to share strategies that SME’s can adopt to promote diversity, equality and … Continued

Equal Pay: Guest Blog

Equal Pay by Demi Inglis, Modern Apprentice at City of Glasgow College Introduction Men and women of all different races or cultures, in the same employment, performing equal work must receive equal pay, as set out in the Equal Pay Act 1970 but this law had to be re-enforced in 2010 as no significant changes had … Continued

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