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Arguments to carry out an equal plan in your SME

Although the society has advanced, the reports made by different organizations show that the salary gap or the glass ceiling of women are an evident reality. Hence, equality plans within SMEs are a positive aspect to take into account. But what does it really mean for companies to have an equality plan? Equating the working conditions of men and women leads to strategic actions within companies that can be a determining factor in their growth and development. Below they are explained the reasons why every small or medium company should establish an equality plan:

Improvement of the labor climate

One of the main objectives pursued by any equality plan is to make it easier for employees to reconcile family and personal life as well as to eliminate discrimination based on gender. For this reason, workers who are part of this type of company are valued just for their ability to respond to the requirements of their position, it is a more than obvious reason to increase their safety and therefore their productivity. 

Reduction of company costs

An equality plan can involve a significant cost reduction for several reasons. On the first hand, there  is a reduction in the costs of selection and training as a consequence of not making distinctions of sex, the selection of personnel improves. In addition, it is possible to increase the possibilities of promotion and reduce turnover within the company. Secondly, the equality plan will mean an improvement in the structure of the organization, which will lead to a better planning of the needs and a more exhaustive control of the training plans.

Resource Optimization

In line with the previous item, the improvement in the structure of the organization will also mean a more rational use of resources. This will also allow a faster adaptation to the demands and changes that regulate the market.

Increase in the feeling of belonging in the company

A company committed to society will always be a source of pride for those who are part of it. If workers trust and believe  in their own organization their actions would go aligned with the  company’s goals.

Improvement of the image of the company

Implementing an equality plan in your organization implies an improvement of the brand image of the company immediately in front of the clients as well as the society in general.

However, as it happens in many areas of everyday life, everything has its most positive part and its negative part. The activation of an equality plan implies costs. We must start from the analysis of the real situation of the company to establish a series of measures that are really viable. Once established, the establishment times and the subsequent control of compliance must be contemplated, which will involve some recourses from the organization as well as  some external resources. But this is not an excuse for companies not to carry out the initiative, there are already some help plans whose objective is to encourage small and medium-sized companies to implement the equality plan in their organization.

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